We sat down with Insulpro to hear how implementing Extracker decreased the company’s Change Order processing time. Here are the highlights:

  • Change Order turnaround time dropped from weeks to days
  • Processing time decreased by 75% 
  • COR approvals increased due to improved documentation & photos
  • Lost revenue from unsubmitted T&M Tags was eliminated 

Challenges before Extracker

Before Extracker, Insulpro’s Change Order process would typically take weeks - from the time extra work took place in the field to when a cost impact/Change Order was sent to the customer. Extra work was documented on the project site with paper/carbon copy T&M tags, which were physically transported back to the office, then manually priced in Excel, and emailed to the customer. 

The manual burden of these processes was extremely time-consuming for Insulpro’s project management staff and ultimately led to delayed approvals/billings or missed revenue completely. 

Insulpro saw immediate positive outcomes after introducing Extracker’s easy-to-use software to streamline and automate its Change Order process.

“The lag between performing extra work and billing has been reduced by 75%.”

Greg Duckworth
President, Insulpro

Enter Extracker


With Extracker, Change Orders now take days, not weeks, to process. This is achieved by:

  • Remote signatures: Eliminate the need to track down physical signatures for approval
  • Automated pricing: Instantly convert T&M tags to Change Orders with saved labor rates 
  • Faster approvals: Improved documentation with ability to easily add photos/Plangrid details
  • Real-time CO Logs: Improved transparency with customers by sharing access to a real-time Change Order log 

Extracker allows users to save rates and other price information, which makes Change Order pricing automatic. Insulpro has reduced its administrative time by more than 8 hours per week by eliminating the need for a dedicated project administrator to price Change Orders.


Extracker’s mobile app is easy to use and saves the field staff valuable time. This productivity gain expedited a company-wide adoption by Insulpro’s team.


With Extracker, Insulpro has real-time visibility into out-of-contract work performed in the field, which allows them to better manage financial risk. Having all their Change Order data & supporting documentation in one place enables streamlined internal communication and eliminates the need for manually tracking CORs using email or Excel spreadsheets. 

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