Extracker for General Contractors

Effortlessly track and review all of your Subcontractors’ COR and T&M Tag documentation in an easy-to-use, cloud-based COR log.

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Fight Change Order chaos by eliminating...

Lost Paper T&M Tags

Track your Subs’ field-directed work with Extracker’s mobile app and log it all in our cloud-based T&M log.

Confusing COR Logs

Never request an updated COR log again. Now subs can create or upload CORs into Extracker’s digital COR log.

Surprise cost impacts

Say goodbye to surprise costs by tracking changes in real time with Extracker’s easy Change Notification feature.

Bad COR documentation

Have your subcontractors use Extracker’s standard audit ready COR templates. Add review comments and track revisions.


“By mandating Extracker across all of our projects we have now eliminated the inefficiency and risk in forecasting and collecting our subcontractor change orders. The ease of use and onboarding has made it extremely smooth getting our subs engaged in SF, San Jose and LA.”

Chad Krause
VP of Operations

Streamline Change Order Communication

No Change Order is valid until it is submitted in Extracker. By making this a project requirement your team can focus on reviewing Change Order contents rather than tracking down documentation and asking for updated logs.

Extracker Process Graphic_GC Workflow

Take risk out of your inbox

Confidently forecast your project costs knowing you have accounted for each Subcontractor’s COR with a real-time, cloud-based COR log.

  • Message Subcontractors directly in the Extracker app
  • Track revisions for each COR
  • Use custom labels to easily sort the log
  • Quickly download and export to Excel or PDF

“We now have the ability - at a glance - to know our cost exposure before having to do any manual work, which means we can process subcontractor Change Order Requests much faster.”

Mike Schaaf
Senior Project Manager, DPR Construction

Stay on top of field-directed extra work

Eliminate the headaches from tracking extra work with carbon copy T&M Tags. Require your subcontractors to use our ridiculously easy mobile app and have all T&M work instantly logged in our cloud-based T&M log.

“Extracker is highly recommended!”

Nadeen Qaru
Senior Project Manager, Turner Construction

Track cost impacts in real-time

Got a design change? Send it to your Subcontractors with Extracker’s Change Notification feature and track who received it and who responded with a cost impact. Stay on top of pricing deadlines and keep your customer up-to-date in real-time.

“The ROI on getting my entire weekend back is priceless.”

Jacob White
Senior Project Manager, Novo Construction

Ready to get going?

Our team of former General Contractors has made it ridiculously easy to get Extracker up and running. We even made a General Contractor playbook packed with ITB language, subcontract language and other templates you can use with your Subcontractors.

Schedule time time with us to learn more and get the playbook.

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

Why do General Contractors use Extracker?

Extracker solves the fundamental challenge with tracking Subcontractor CORs in your inbox. It replaces Subcontractor COR logs, paper T&M Tags and COR documentation that lacks clarity.

How do I get started with my Subcontractors?

Creating a project and inviting subs takes less than 15 minutes. We offer a tailored General Contractor playbook, complete with Instructions to Bidders language, contract language, an intro template to email your Subcontractors and much more.

Do you offer a free pilot project?

Yes! Contact our sales team to schedule a demo and we can set you and your subcontractors up with a pilot project to test out the software.

How does the pricing work?

With a General Contractor annual license, all your projects are covered and all your Subcontractors will have access to the basic features. Contact our sales team to learn more.