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Standardize the Subcontractor COR documentation on your next project.

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Bad COR communication and documentation
creates bottlenecks for construction teams
Projects run over budget
Decisions are made with incomplete data
Surprise costs late in projects
Audit costs and timelines increase
Extracker was built to eliminate these challenges and bring
owners and trade partners together on projects.
Recognize project costs in real time
Eliminate sloppy and confusing documentation
Ensure all Change Orders are audit ready
Close project financials with confidence

Here's how...


Real-time always updated Change Order log

Have your General Contractor upload their owner Change Order Requests into Extracker's collaborative cloud-based log. In Extracker you can set status, add review notes, see the full cost exposure at a glance and keep a complete paper trail.

Audit ready COR forms

Make COR review a breeze with clear and standardized COR forms.

Ensure Subcontractor CORs are clearly broken out by labor, material, and equipment showing quantities and approved rates.

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T&M Tags that don't suck

Tired of reviewing T&M Tags from weeks or months in the past that are hard to read or don't make sense? Have your contractors use Extracker's mobile app for all T&M Tag and instantly have a clean and professional T&M Tag ready for your General Contractors review.

Schedule a call with one of our team members.

We can walk you through how to implement Extracker with your General Contractor to ensure consistent documentation and keep teams working together.

We have easy to implement contract language available to ensure adoption and a playbook for how to rollout our software.

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

How do Owners benefit from Extracker?

Owners can use Extracker’s digital cloud-based COR log to see and review all outstanding Owner Change Order Requests in real-time. Simply invite your GC and have them upload the current CORs. In addition, you can have your GC require all Extracker COR and T&M Tag documentation with the project Subcontractors.

How do I get started?

That’s the best part! You can sign up, create and project and invite your contractors in minutes. Simply create a free account and get going today!

Do you offer a free pilot project?
Yes! Contact our sales team to schedule a demo and  we’ll set up a pilot project for you and your teams to test out the software.
How does the pricing work?

We offer some basic features for free and can provide an annual license to unlock the software for your GCs and Subcontractors.