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Extracker’s integration with PlanGrid allows users to leverage data from PlanGrid into Extracker’s digital T&M Tags and CORs

This integration allows you to pull in PlanGrid Tasks, Images and Snapshots as back up documentation attached to Time and Material Tags and Change Order Requests created in Extracker. By linking a PlanGrid Task Report to a T&M Tag you can automatically populate the T&M Tag Title, Description and attach a PDF of the Task report directly to the T&M Tag all without any manual effort.

Benefits of Extracker + PlanGrid

  • Instantly convert PlanGrid Task Reports into Extracker digital T&M Tags.
  • Automatically generate PlanGrid task report PDFs inside of Extracker.
  • Attach PlanGrid photos and drawing snapshots as back up documents on T&M Tags and Change Order Requests.
  • Hyperlink all Task Reports directly in our cloud based COR and T&M Tag logs

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See our full knowledge base article on how to set up and use the Extracker + PlanGrid Integration.

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