Compare your existing process

Total T&M Change Order Requests per year

Time to fill out one paper T&M Tag

Time to transport Tag from field to office

Time to create associated Change Order Request

Time to scan and attach PDF of T&M Tag to COR

Time to update Change Order Request Log

Hourly rate









Extracker Process

Do you have revenue at risk from the below items?

Lost paper T&M Tags


Sloppy T&M Tags that don't get approved


Late Change Order Requests due to processing delays


T&M Tags being left at the jobsite

Upset customers due to messy documentation


Having to submit revisions manually


CORs bounced back from emails


COR Logs that don't match what the customer was sent

Want to learn your full ROI?

We calculate ROI in three simple ways:

  1. Productivity savings
  2. Reduce revenue leakage
  3. Lower carrying cost from a decrease in days aging on CORs

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