Collaborative Change Order Request Log

Track and review Change Orders in real-time between project stake-holders.

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Join 1,000+ contractors communicating Change Orders with Extracker

Fight Change Order chaos with Extracker

Eliminate PDF COR logs forever

By uploading or creating CORs in Extracker, you automatically generate a shareable and collaborative COR log. General Contractors never again will need to request an updated COR log and Subcontractors can keep their GC up-to-date by sending a shareable link.


Bring clarity to chaos

Always be on the same page. For once, Subcontractors and General Contractors can both see on one simple dashboard what has been approved to proceed, approved CO issued, In Review or Void.

Easy access to every important document

Did you get my Change Order? Can you send me an updated Change Order log? Never ask or be asked these questions again. By uploading Change Orders through Extracker, we store every backup document in our cloud-based log so both contractor and customer have access to the same information.


A few more ways Extracker makes Change Order Communication easy:

  • Invite all Subcontractors, General Contractors and Sub-Tier Vendors
  • Send review comments directly related to each Change Order Request
  • Sort Change Orders as Approved CO Issued, Approved to Proceed, In Review or Void
  • Track estimated and T&M Change Orders in the same place or sort between the two
  • Categorize CORs by stages, such as ROM, Pricing, In Progress, Potential CO, etc.
  • All updates and changes made to an individual COR will be logged and tracked in an activity feed so you always have a paper trail.
  • Instantly export the log to PDF, Excel and CSV formats
  • Easily sort the log between contractor, customer, project, status, reference number and many more.
  • Add consistency across all your project teams

“Tracking subcontractor Change Order requests through email across multiple projects not only is labor-intensive but also introduces unnecessary risk. We now have the ability - at a glance - to know our cost exposure before having to do any manual work and can process subcontractor Change Order Requests much faster.”

Mike Schaaf
Senior Project Manager, DPR Construction

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

What is a Change Order Communication Platform?

Unlike Change Order Management software, a communication platform allows you to collaborate with the companies you are working with to review and approve costs in real time.

What is the difference between Extracker and my internal software?

It is important to have an internal accounting or project financial software. But that information is private. A Change Order Communication Platform allows you to ensure that what you are forecasting internally is the same as the companies you are working with.

Will this help get CORs processed faster?

Yes! With better organization and communication, CORs are often reviewed and approved up to 75% faster on Extracker than via confusing email threads and COR logs.

Can this integrate with my internal software?

Yes, we have several out-of-the-box integrations and an open API so you can integrate Extracker with your internal financial software.

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Collaborative Change Order Log

Track and review Change Orders in real-time among project stake-holders.

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