Digital Time & Material Tags

Ditch the carbon copy and track field-directed extra work with our easy-to-use mobile app.

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Ridiculously fast

The easiest way to get paid faster is to reduce your processing time. By instantly sharing your T&M Tags with the home office, you can eliminate days or weeks of processing time.

Ridiculously easy

Construction is complicated, Extracker is not. With no on-boarding or implementation required, you can be creating digital T&M Tags in minutes and have your entire office trained.

Ridiculously good

Your company does high-quality work and your T&M documentation should reflect that. With clean and professional T&M cover sheets backed up with photo documentation, Extracker makes that a breeze.


Keep the field and office in sync

All T&M Tags created in the Extracker web or mobile app are instantly logged back in the home office. With pre-loaded rates, you can instantly turn one or more T&M Tags into Change Order Requests.

Digital Signature Requests

Eliminate the need to hunt down signatures on site by requesting a digital signature via email. If the supervisor is available in person, he or she can sign directly on the device and add standard comments.

Sign a Tag

A few more ways Extracker makes T&M Tags simple:

  • Easily attach time-stamped photos to your T&M Tag in one PDF package
  • Instantly send your customer a PDF copy of the signed Tag
  • All T&M Tags are instantly logged in the online and mobile T&M Log
  • Customize T&M Tags with your logo and address
  • Import lengthy labor, material and equipment lists and easily search for individual items
  • Never have an email bounce back due to file size limits
  • Resend T&M Tags with the click of a button
  • Save a draft and allow anyone on your team to edit and review the T&M Tag prior to customer signature
  • Convert Extracker T&M Tags into CORs with the click of a button
  • Add consistency across all your project teams
  • With our PlanGrid integration, you can instantly generate T&M Tags from PlanGrid task reports

“Our paper T&M Tag process often led to a bottom-line loss of profit due to the lack of visibility, length of time to receive from the field, and lack of ability to adequately describe the change order. With the streamlined use of Extracker, our field foreman can now quickly create, photo document and, track T&M Tags electronically helping our Project Managers in the office instantly and accurately transmit a complete COR to our GC clients."

Ryan Wall

Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

What if my foreman can’t use technology?

Trust us, we have made Extracker so simple anyone can use it. If they can fill out a paper form, they can create a Tag in Extracker. Schedule a call with our team so we can prove it to you!

Does my GC need to be using Extracker to sign?

No, much like DocuSign, a GC can sign a Tag without having an Extracker account. Once signed, a copy of the signed T&M Tag PDF will be emailed to them for their records.

Can I track multiple days of work on one Tag?

Yes, you can either do one Tag for each day's work or track multiple days on one T&M Tag and divide daily labor, material and equipment costs.

What if my GC wants to add review comments or rubber stamp?

Whether the GC signs directly on the device or via a remote signature request, they can add their own comments to the T&M Tag PDF. If they have an Extracker account, they can pre-populate their own standard notes, acting like a rubber stamp.

What’s to lose, other than more paper T&M Tags?

Schedule a call with us and we will get you up and running in no time.

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Ditch the carbon copy and track field-directed extra work with the Extracker field app.

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